Saturday, October 8, 2011

AA Dawn

Air Assault Dawn

PT at 5 in the Oahu fog,
Knocking 'em out feet on the "log".

 Meanwhile at Wheeler the slicks gleamed wet,
Dew on the blades, skids firmly set.

 Time for the run - boots on, chest out,
The 10th day is here "Hurry up, Move out!".

 Soon from the west the rotors could be heard,
Like my heart in my chest, WHOMP WHOMP beat the bird.

 The slicks came in low with the sun from the east,
After landing on the Z we boarded the beasts.

 Hooked up to the rope, the crew chief gave me a stare,
His machete kept close as we flew through the air.

 Boots on the skid waitin' for the "GO!",
I stole a quick glance at the soldier ants below.

 Knees bent deep brake hand on my side,
I took the leap while my brake hand swung wide.

 Legs together and ramrod straight,
L shape maintained rope sliding near the gate.

 Boots on the ground arms crossed in front,
I back away from the snake and once again I'm a grunt.

 Later in the day with a couple bounds off  the tower,
I stand tall and proud with my new found power.

 With a salute from the SGT and black wings on my chest,
 I return the salute and fall back in with the BEST...

-Bob Geary

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