Thursday, November 3, 2011

North Korean Fun!!

Last weekend the always-awesome folks at Kuriositas published a post about the Mangyongdae fun fair, North Korea's rusting, dilapidated take on an amusement park.
The truly bizarre aspect of these photos is how deserted the park looks in all of them. While the park is designed to cater to 100,000 patrons a day, Western journalists who have visited the fun fair report that the government has to bus in a few loads of forced patrons just to keep the park from being absolutely empty. It's hard to blame North Koreans for not wanting to visit; who would want to ride a rusting tilt-a-whirl?
British journalist Alex Hoban wrote a piece for Vice last month about his own visit to the fun fair, and the whole experience sounds more terrifying than dazzling. According to Hoban, his ride on the park's rollercoaster faced a long delay while a worker with a mallet scaled the structure and knocked in a few loose screws. If you're the type of theme park fan who doesn't just want simulated danger, this is the park for you.
Check out all the eerie photos over at Kuriositas.

From: Mental Floss

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