Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ghosts of the Mothball Fleet

Ship's Mess
The Mothball Fleet is the group of decommissioned Navy ships stored at Suisun Bay, just north of San Francisco. These ships served in conflicts going back to World War II, and now they are gradually being scrapped.Some of these ships were used in the movie Magnum Force (1973) with Clint Eastwood. Photographer Scott Haefner and friends managed to spend several days exploring and photographing these ships, despite security guards. Read about how they pulled off the caper, and see the collection of photos at Scott’s website.

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  1. In the movie Magnum Force the two escort carriers were ex Rabaul (which was acquired by the navy after WWII but never commissioned and never saw service of any kind) and ex USS Badoeng Strait. (which was completed too late to serve in WWII but saw action in the Pacific - including combat in the Korean War).