Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Blues

A female Bluebird with gathered nesting material waits for the all clear signal.

After looking both ways she heads for the nest...

...with the male Bluebird providing over-watch.

Graceful in flight, she nails the landing.

The male looks and listens for any sign of danger.

He is a formidable foe for just about anybody that chooses to interfere, dive-bombing and chasing away all comers. 

Guarding the nest, he is tempted by a bug close by on the ground, but he remains steadfast at his post. 

He decides to check out his mate's work on the nest. 

But in no time flat, she is back with more...

...and more.

The opening to the nest box is a small target but as she lands, she digs into the wood with her sharp-toed claws.

She will repeat this dozens of times throughout the day until she is satisfied...

...or until the Catbird calls out "Break-time!"

My dog Betty, ever vigilant, hears the Catbird as well...

...and being proficient in trans-species communications,

takes the message to heart.

She quickly stands down to DEFCON-2...



Turtle guards are quickly posted to take up the slack.

They take their job very seriously.

Heroes in a half-shell...Turtle Power!

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