Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Path

Today's work brought me across the Bay Bridge to look at a tower site in a small town called Ridgely,Maryland. After my meeting at the tower site was over I used my lunch break to go to nearby Tuckahoe State Park. It has some great camping sites,a good size lake and wetland area teeming with wildlife. Four or five Geocaches were located in the park as well so I made the best of my lunch time and snapped a couple photos and grabbed a geocache find to boot. Just before crossing back over the Bay Bridge on my return trip, I stopped briefly at Matapeake and walked to the beach to take a couple of quick shots near an old tower site we built some years back.Not a bad day as far as work goes.

Tower site in Ridgely,Md.

A closer look.

Starling on the tower.

Tuckahoe frog.

A solitary lily pad.

A goose in deep reflection.

A colorful turtle.

Park wetlands.
Path to the Bay at Matapeake.
A crab that is only a shell of its former self.
My geocoin "treasure" for the day,a Maryland coin featuring our state flower,the Black-eyed Susan.
The obverse of the coin sitting on my GPS receiver.

Beaver lodge.

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