Saturday, April 16, 2011

West Virginia Tower Construction - Friday April 15th 2011

Sunrise in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Today we will stack this tower with a crane.

When completed, this tower will stand 300 feet tall.
Our climbers getting their climbing gear ready for the day's climb.

Ropes have to be climbed up for rescue purposes as well as easy access.

Tower beacon to warn approaching aircraft.

Checking the bolts.
Our two crane operators

The very top section

The crane telescopes out while bolts are checked and rechecked.
Stefan rigs the descent rope along with a backup safety rope.

Jon tightens up some bolts.

Every bolt on the tower is checked.
Ray on the balance beam.

Stefan does a controlled descent on the ropes.

Uh oh.Crane problems.
Working to find the problem.

Gene and Jon finishing out the top section.

Gene waiting on the crane.
It takes a crane to fix a crane.

Here's your problem.


The crane hook hangs empty. The job gets called off for the day because of the crane.We'll get a new crane on Monday and hopefully finish this tower and move on to the next one.

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