Friday, April 29, 2011

Monopole Tower Stack - Baltimore, Maryland

The 1st section arrives on site.

Anchor bolts in the caisson

Crane lifts the 1st section off the truck.
1st section rigged & lifted into position.

Holes are carefully lined up with the anchor bolts.

Nuts are tightened with a special wrench and a sledge hammer.

Smoothing things out for a better fit.

Climber goes up to de-rig the crane and await the next section.

Removing the rigging.
Next section lifted for inspection.

Climber awaits the next one.

Perfect fit!
Storm clouds, then BOOM!
Site supervisor shuts the job down for everyone's safety.
Storm passes and the jib is put on the crane for greater reach.
Two sections up and two to go.
3rd section guided into place.
Top section's 6 foot lightning rod, which we really don't need today.
Top section rigged and inspected.

The sun marks the spot.

Waiting for the last piece to fall into place.
Almost there...

New tower is up and a climber in a man basket is sent up to take measurements and snap some pictures.

Measuring tape reads an inch over 170 feet.

Baltimore's newest monopole!

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