Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bluebirds 2011 #4

Right now we have one bluebird nesting box out in the backyard and two more on the way. Since we started our project to build two more houses for them we've received two boxes,one from my Mom and another in kit form from our neighbors. The kit house has just been completed,but we're still putting the finishing touches on our own homemade one.
The kit house our neighbors gave us.

Our work in progress.

Mr. Blue

Arghhhhh! This morning I discovered our new house was being checked out by House Sparrows.
These birds are non-native and originally were brought from England as a pest control measure that went horribly wrong. Their proper name is the Weaver Finch, you've probably seen them hanging around McDonald's waiting for you to drop a french fry.Their main diet,which I learned the hard way, consists of grain.Grain is the main ingredient in store bought birdseed, so if you buy this type of seed it will attract House Sparrows, which in turn, may cause a bluebird housing shortage, to put it nicely. Now I have a problem on my hands. I can plug the hole temporarily to persuade the sparrows to look elsewhere or I can trap and relocate the male later on during their nest building process. Right now I'm going to plug the hole for awhile and cross my fingers that I don't discourage any nearby blues from this particular box as well. I guess nature has its own ideas for my backyard. Right now I'm gonna relax,as it is Saturday,and contemplate the problem with my resident think tank...
My Think tank.

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