Saturday, March 5, 2011

The French Press Experiment

I love my coffee in the morning and usually I'm not too fussy about how it is made. I just load up the coffeemaker with Maxwell House Masterblend and some tap water and I'm all set.But recently I read about the French Press method of coffee brewing and was intrigued enough to try it.
My wonderful wife always indulges me no matter what my latest crazy idea is and she went all out on my French Press experiment. She ordered me an inexpensive one online for about $20 and picked me up a decent Mr.Coffee grinder from Wal-Mart, some fresh beans from Starbucks and also a frothing thinga-majig that whips up the milk or cream.
We experimented a little last night starting with the grinder. The French Press method requires a coarse grind for full flavor and to work properly; if the grind is too fine you'll end up with a mess. After 16 tablespoons of very finely ground beans, I need glasses apparently, my wife properly instructed me how to set the grinder to course and we were off to the races! The result was a great tasting cup of joe,very strong, and a couple of french press converts... but probably just on the weekends.

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