Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bluebirds 2011 #5

Success! One day before Spring and we have some prospective new tenants. About eight o'clock this morning on our way to breakfast I saw this Bluebird couple checking out one of our new Bluebird houses. This particular one was given to us by our neighbors Nancy and Judy next door. It came in a kit form and Candy did an excellent job putting it together. Altogether we have four houses up.One we built from scratch and Candy nicely decorated with some flowers, windows and a little fence, one my Mom gave us already built, the one pictured above and the old original one we put out as a decoy house to hopefully attract any nesting sparrows nearby.
Mr. Blue staking his claim.

Mrs. Blue checking out the new digs.

Prospective tenants.

Initial home inspections are important.

Mr. Blue seems satisfied. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hopefully this will be chosen as their new home.

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