Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Strong is an Egg?

A scary egg.

We have all tried to crush an egg in our hands at some point, sometimes with success, if you concentrate the force on your fingertips. But try to crush an egg in the palm of your hand without using your fingertips and you'll find out that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for most people. I found a video that shows eggsactly how strong an egg actually is:
This surprised me.

The shell of the egg protects everything inside, and can come in a number of different colors. The color of the shell comes from pigments in its outer layer, and varies according to the breed. You can tell what color egg a hen will lay by the color of her ears and feathers. I've never really thought about chickens having ears, have you?

I really do not like peas. Where are the ears?

A white chicken with pale ear lobes will lay white eggs. A red chicken with red ear lobes will lay brown eggs. US buyers mostly prefer white eggs, but some people choose brown, since they associate them with farmyard chickens.

Luke apparently likes eggs!

There is no difference between the eggs, if the chickens were treated the same way. However, chickens which lay brown eggs are usually larger and need more food. This makes brown eggs costlier than white ones. People in England prefer brown eggs for some reason. If you've read this far you should click on the link: The incredible, edible egg.
    Nobody can eat 50 eggs!

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