Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 25th Day of August 2011

Sunrise on the farm
Rear Range Light Tower
Our newest tower. This is the rear range light tower at Tide Point. It is one of 2 towers that have navigational lights to guide ships into the harbor from the Key bridge. We tore down the old one here and erected this one making it taller and sturdier. The front range tower is located on Fort McHenry.
Ravens Stadium

Touching up the Ravens logo with paint.

Some of our workers getting ready to run cable near the stadium suites.

More artistic paint work.

The surprise in a bag of mulch
This small snake was an unwelcome surprise included in a bag of mulch. My son Mike used a small hole in the bag to open it up to pour on a flowerbed. As soon as he stuck his finger in there and tore the bag open, this snake slithered out with a frog in its mouth. By the time I gave him my camera, it had already swallowed the amphibian whole. The frog is that first bump in the snake's body next to its head.

Shy from all the picture taking, the snake seeks shelter in a nearby boxwood.

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