Friday, August 12, 2011

Baltimore's Grand Prix Race Gets Additional Cell Coverage on the Roof of the Baltimore Convention Center.

Boom Truck at The Balt Conv Center
Sheets of plywood get rigged to go up to protect the rubber roof of the convention center. The plywood gives us a safe place to land our job materials without damaging the roof.

Convention Center rooftop
The roof of the convention center back dropped by the Baltimore skyline.

The crew assembles...
Dan Mann, Dan McHugh, Rey Reyes and Gene Young, making up one fourth of our crew today, pose for pre-lift photos.

The area around the mobile crane is cordoned off for safety.

Crane lifting job materials
A metal basket carries loose supplies up top.

Steel framework called "sleds", which will support the cellular antennas, are hoisted up and over the lower roof.

 A coax cable reel rigged to go up
Chad Brown and Gary rig the cable reel. The cable is coaxial cable just like what is hooked to your TV, only bigger. It will carry the radio signal to and from the antennas so you can talk,text and send pictures during the Baltimore Grand Prix Race.

This reel weighs about 600 lbs.

Three of these reels have to go up to connect the cell site.

Cellular antennas go up next
These antennas will be mounted on pipes and then attached to the "sled" and be pointed in the desired direction of  the coverage area needed.
The token artsy shot.

 Bob puts on his serious face for crane work
Bob's wardrobe provided by Armani.

 The crane gets packed up
Construction of the cell site on the roof is just getting started, but the Boom truck can't stick around hogging up the street, so we pack it up and Len Davis, our truck driver extraordinaire, wheels it back to our shop in Woodbine, Md.

 Next stop for Bob - Ravens Stadium
I, on the other hand, must go to M&T Bank Stadium to take care of some safety training for our workforce there. Another day, another dollar.

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